Introducing Strata



We’ve worked with a lot of different businesses and teams over the last four years. Some were great, some were truly exceptional. However, nobody seemed to have a good solution for promoting learning and development and knowledge sharing.

There are two types of learning and development every business needs to support:

The legal requirements, health and safety and general regulations training which can be satisfied using paid online services.

Then there’s the knowledge which is unique to the business and even the team. Your products and ways of working which are essential to your business.

This information can get lost through staff turnover or a shortage of time to keep people up to date.

Maybe you need to keep sales up to date with the latest technical specifications of your product, or make sure the support department are best equipped to help your customers.
Maybe you need to get new employees up to speed quicker.

We’ve been working on a product to encourage information sharing and improve learning and development within your business.

Strata is our latest effort to solve this problem. We want to make employee improvement something that can be embedded into your culture and not just seen as a box-ticking exercise.

Let’s have a chat and see how we can help.